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The simple answer for being a faster video editor is hustling and practising, motivate yourself to focus and get through the editing process. Practising is essential for speeding up your video editing process, the more editing you do the better you will become. Learn the hotkeys, understand how the program works and make mistakes. The more you do the better you will be, you will learn your own video editing tips and tricks along the way if you are truly serious about mastering the craft.

If you are like us you have a heap of clients all wanting to know how the progress of their video project is coming along and with new projects on the horizon the jobs seem to be stacking up so much it’s getting hard to manage all of them at once. Well with good organization and some video editing tips on improving your workflow it is possible to pump out quality videos in small time frames. Here are some video editing tips that we have compiled to help you become a faster video editor.

Keep a clean timeline.

Making sure you have a good structure to your timeline is a very important part of speeding up your editing process. Delete unused audio clips, don’t import footage that you’re not using and maintain the structure. It is an essential part of editing and it also helps if you have another team member editing your project, they can understand what you’re trying to achieve without having to solve the Da Vinci Code. Keep it simple.

Learn hotkeys.

After you get familiar with your chosen editing software take the time to learn the hotkeys.  Being able to press two or three buttons rather than diving through the menus looking for a simple command is going to help heaps with your process. Hotkeys are a hot tip but they will take time to remember, so practice!

Video Editing Tips

Use markers.

Adding markers throughout your timeline will give you an edge when you’re revising your first draft. Add markers to things you want to update in the future or parts that don’t sit right. Having markers to reference is like taking notes during the editing process. Once you get in the habit of adding markers to your projects you will understand why this an important tip.

Video Editing Tips

Skip the organizing and labelling.

When compiling footage into a project a lot of editors will spend a large amount of time categorizing their footage into mid shots, close shots, action shots, etc, rather than just starting the edit. Don’t get us wrong we know the importance of organization, but its only necessary for large projects that are either being filmed over a large length of time or projects that have multiple team members working on them. If its a job for a small to medium size corporate client then don’t waste time on organizing the footage into subfolders, just begin the edit and refine the video from the opinion of the client.

Get a better computer.

Whilst having a supercomputer isn’t going to make you a super editor it will definitely help. A faster computer is going to help you focus on the editing, it won’t be freezing all the time and breaking your chain of thought. Get a computer with increased RAM, the minimum required is at least 4GB but if your serious about editing get something more 16GB. Graphics cards are super important to consider when buying an editing computer, most of the major editing software have a recommended video card. The last thing to consider for your computer is the processor, the better processing system the computer has the less time you spend waiting for projects to render. Make sure not to just get an awesome processor without considering the rest, they will go hand in hand help with the overall performance of your computer.

Mac or PC?

The age-old question of which type of computer you should get, the short answer is either one. Mac offers a highly user-friendly option for a slightly inflated price and PC are more technical, often require modifications to be suitable but can save you money. Both systems are great options for video editing and it really comes down to personal preference in the long run.

Back your decisions.

Too many people when they are editing are indecisive about what they have created, they second-guess themselves. Just start putting footage into your timeline get the structure of the performance down, you can change out clips later or add b-roll where it is needed. Do the groundwork first and then come back and change what you don’t like.

Shoot with a vision.

No matter how good of an editor you are, how efficient of a shooter you are is always going to affect the video editing process. Go into your shoots having an idea of what you are trying to achieve in the post-production period.  Too many people just jump into a shoot and capture a heap random content before they head into the editing suite and are faced with the issue of not knowing where to start or what to do. No matter what type of video you are filming, prepare yourself knowing what type of footage you want for the video. Never go into a shoot unprepared and clueless to what you are trying to capture. Use a cut board when you can, it makes it a lot easier when going through the footage to find out what is what.

Video Editing Tips

Just focus.

This might sound a little obvious but one of the most important video editing tips we can give you about becoming a faster video editor is just powering through the process and getting a base edit done as soon as you can. Minimize your distractions, turn off your mobile and just focus on the task at hand. Yes, it is important to take regular healthy breaks but schedule them, work for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break or work for 1 hour and take a 10-minute break. The point of the matter is that hustling through the edit is going to help you get it done the quickest.

Final video editing tip is PRACTICE.

This one is a no-brainer, the more you do anything in the life the better you will become. Consistency is going to help you find your own methods of being a fast video editor, experiment with new ideas and let us know what works and what doesn’t.

We hope that our few video editing tips helped you in some way and we are more than happy to help you more, send us an email with any questions, concerns or even if you just wanna say hi!

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