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Since video production can be a bit of a confusing/stressful project to approach it is easy to totally overlook the importance of doing it right. Video production for your business is essential, by 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic (Source: SmallBizTrends). To be honest I am personally shocked that more businesses have not already taken steps to tell their story through film. The first thing I look for when clicking on a website is a video but maybe I am biased.  I believe the best way to spread a message is through video production. Having a film that not only shows what you offer but your company’s culture. This gives a human element that customers can relate too. Having said that, even though it is very important to begin planning a video it is not something you want to rushEvery business should consider these key points before they begin diving into the world of video.

Target audience

Promotional Video

Who is your audience and does this video appeal to them? What are their interests? Not everyone is drawn in by the same content. You will have to tailor a specific style of film to represent your brand and your audience. Do you want to be seen as a fun and energetic business or maybe a more secure and corporate feel? It is not only knowing who your audience is but knowing how you want those people to react.

Video promotion distribution plan

Once you know who your audience the next step is to plan how you will best approach placing your video in front of them. There are so many different platforms and each has their unique benefits. It is not enough just putting your video on social media or on your website with your fingers crossed hoping people will find it. Planning a solid distribution rollout will have a major effect on the overall engagement and reaction. You will have to know where it will be posted and how you will draw attention.

Push and pull advertising

Is this video enjoyable to watch? Are the users benefiting in any way by spending their precious time? The world of advertising has made a huge change since the rise of social media. No longer do we have to wait for an ad on the TV to finish. We can flick through hundreds of ads with our thumbs a minute. So how will you capture their attention and hold it?  For your business to create a successful promotional video you will have to approach the concept by seeing how your target audience will benefit. This will pull them in, instead naively pushing an advert in front of their face.

Call to action

Now you have their attention. What’s the point of the video? What message are you trying to get across? You will want to focus on one concise and clear message that even a baby could understand. The goal of the video is to create a strong enough action that they follow through to the next step. That could be signing up to an email, checking out with a product or asking for a quote. Know your message and make sure it is clear. These are just a few ideas you will want to consider before approaching video production process.

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