A spur of the moment brainstorm took place in a makeshift custom workshop inside a suburban garage. The idea to showcase a host of different custom motorbike builders was set out.

Cameron and Jake, a pair of rapidly up and coming filmmakers behind Electric Bubble, recently produced a full-length documentary called ‘Handcrafted.’ Instead of telling one man’s relatively short story, Handcrafted takes a look inside the minds and garages of seven entirely different motorcycle craftsmen. Giving you an insight into the struggles, triumphs, and most importantly the creative process behind the handcrafted machine.

Jake and Cameron from Electric Bubble:

“We are relative newcomers to the custom bike scene. Our Interest has always been in storytelling and filmmaking. I guess bike builders, aren’t generally looked at as artists or craftsmen. The more we got to know these guys, it became really clear to us that there is an underpinning value of creativity that ran between all these guys.

Electric BubbleMost of these guys aren’t professionally trained, they seemed to progress in their craft because of their love for the game. We are the exact same, we aren’t here because we went to film school, Electric Bubble exists because of our drive to be better at the craft of film.

So we wanted to dig deeper, find a way to communicate the creative freedom that comes with building a skill set to drive your passion. And do it in a way that the motorcycling public would find ultimately entertaining.

Our challenge was trying to showcase this talent and artistry through our art of film. Then taking that story and representing it alongside the joy and adventure that you get when finishing a motorcycle and taking it for a ride. Some of the countryside and riding we captured is inspiring!”

Purpose Built MotoHandcrafted explores the different perspectives and motivations of some of Australia’s custom bike builders. Taking a unique and honest look into the man behind the motorcycle. With no pretense Handcrafted deliveries an entertaining hour full of cinematic on-road riding shots, coupled with the famous light-hearted Aussie outlook represents. Often creating masterpieces on a shoestring.

Handcrafted delivers a dose of a substance on the appeal of motorcycle culture in an easy to consume format. Filled with the stories of craftsmen, seamlessly interwoven through emotive riding sequences, and vivid detail on the intricacy of the custom motorcycle trade.



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