There’s only one word that can sum up this shoot, challenging.

This was a spontaneous shoot that I will forever look back on with fond memories, whether it be me falling off the back of the motorbike while going over a steep dune, watching Bailey come off countless times, battling the light to get in the perfect spot, running up and down sand dunes pumping our favourite songs or watching my best friend shred and achieve a goal he has had since the age of 11. No matter the inconvenience or injury we faced this was by far the best shoot I’ve ever done.

I will start with Bailey’s perspective on the shoot. For him, growing up racing on all the best Australian motocross tracks, placing highly in many national competitions and building a very solid career from a young age. He has always wanted to take his motorbike onto a massive expanse of sand dunes. I had given him the opportunity and both of our froth levels were through the roof. Having never ridden in such an environment he faced some unlikely woes; unseen changing terrain and undulation due to all the sand looking the same. I remember watching him fall 3 meters off a sand ledge simply because “I didn’t even fucking see it!” A lack of a full paddle tyre meant he couldn’t get the power down as much as he needed to keep the front wheel from digging into the sand and sending him over the bars which were a problem on high-speed sections and going up to execute turns. It was definitely a shock to his system as a very accomplished track rider. Something has to leave you hungry for the next time, right?

As far as my perspective goes I had nowhere near the danger or woes that Bailey had. My biggest worry was finding the sweet spot in the light and having to run up and down the massive dunes to get on the spot.

Safe to say we are still finding sand in places we shouldn’t and we are stoked about it.

Words and Photos by @amsimage

Rider @bails.ayyy

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